by Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman


The great conundrum of our age is that the thing we share with all other beings – all other life, (and everything IS alive) – what makes us alive, is what makes us part of Source and each other. But if we don’t know that “Source~ness” in ourselves, we won’t be able to recognize it in others … and so, the world keeps turning and tumbling in misery and suffering, not only for all humans, but also for all of nature as well. How then can we access this Source Energy in ourselves, and thereby give it to the world? I am willing to share with you my deepest vision so far, about this:

A few months ago I had what I call a visioning. In it, I was transported to an unspecified time when the world was different; when we, and the Earth had ascended into our true natures. I’ll describe it briefly: There was no money, so no fear of scarcity. Everyone did what they were best at, or most loved to do. One traded skills or bartered for what one needed from a huge databank. Knowing the value of supporting others’ happiness created happiness in oneself. New industries exploded, creating technologies to heal what had gone before. Creating a new, glorious, love-filled existence was the agreed upon goal. We understood that whatever we did for one, was done for all, because we are truly all ONE. In that spirit, we treated all the kingdoms – plant, animal, mineral, as well as human – as we hoped to be treated. Planetary and business decisions were made looking out for the welfare, not only of this generation, but also the generations to come. Mother Earth healed herself quickly, and weather extremes were a thing of the past.

I encourage you to produce your own envisioning of the way things could be, as you know in your deepest heart, they were meant to be. A few years ago, I asked you to create a vision of how you wanted your world to be. This is similar, but visioning goes further into faith that the deepest part of your being knows how life underneath illusion is/will be. And as Michael Jackson sang, it all begins with the man (person) in the mirror. It takes courage to insist on a vision that you don’t yet see as a physical reality right in front of you, but that’s what visioning is – accepting higher reality. To me, this is what Ascension is all about – living this higher reality TODAY, as best you can. It establishes and anchors a vibration, which attracts the thing itself.

Take your vision and breathe it in. Let it nourish you, help you open to joy, and give you the courage to anchor your vision in this blessed earth, for all life. Then breathe out the blessing and love to ~ you name it ~ people who are suffering, animals who are suffering, anything, anyone, or anywhere, you want to bless. It can be different every time, according to what’s in your heart.

I also suggest you ask yourself what totem animal embodies the traits and characteristics of who you’ve become at this time in your life. It may be different from one you’ve worked with for a long time, or the one you were born with, or named for. Perhaps which one it is will come to you in a dream, a vision, through another person, or a knowing as deep as an artesian well. Establish a core relationship with this totem.

There’s a practice that goes along with this that I formulated after studying Marie Kondo’s work on – of all things – tidying, as she calls it. My own opinion is that she is a “house shaman” whose Medicine is to help all people clear inner and outer space, bringing beauty and new revelations as to one’s purpose in life. Nevertheless, when she posed the question, “Did you greet your house today?” and when she spoke of thanking her clothes for keeping her warm, and for looking good, I thought – This is a little much, even for me. But then it came to me powerfully, that of course, we are meant to be in relationship with all life, and everything. Even objects and materials that are usually considered inanimate come from “alive” things, from the building blocks of life – the elements – and have life force of their own, no matter how varied. After all, all things created by Source Energy have some Source~ness in their makeup.

Appreciating everything in our environments includes throwing love to the trees as we walk or drive by them – all the plants, animals, and even the microorganisms that create new earth. If you’re like me, your house and yard are full of amazing Stone People too. It’s like blessing your food before you eat, or putting out a Spirit plate. The idea is to come into communion with the seen and unseen worlds. The point is that if we are truly in relationship with all things, why not appreciate and interact with them? If nothing else, the act of appreciation is good for us. It puts us in a state of abundance and receiving. One proviso: Ms. Kondo first insists on letting go of the things you don’t need or want any longer, and only keeping that which sparks joy.

So, to come back full circle, appreciating that Source~ness in ourselves, or as author Elizabeth Gilbert calls us – a spasm of Godness – in fact, appreciating anything about ourselves is beneficial – like being willing to appreciate our efforts, no matter the execution or result – or like creating better health by appreciating our bodies in as much detail as possible. How long has that heart been beating unfailingly for you? Our immune systems, though under siege are our first line of defense. Have you appreciated your eyes lately? Senses? Brain? How handy are fingernails! Arms & legs – you get the idea. Everything works better when it’s appreciated. And while we’re at it, being willing to accept ourselves as we are now and giving ourselves a break, as it were, is bound to produce happiness, both for ourselves, and ultimately others.

Finally, gather your team. Who is your team? If you’re fortunate enough to have people in your life with whom you share spiritual values, you may share your practices with them. But even if you don’t, you have your Guides, Ancestors and Teachers; Angels, Masters, the Elders; People and Animals you’ve loved and still love you; Family members who have passed on; your Totems, Higher Self (ask for the name). You may even have a name for your team. Then ask them for help, with everything big and small. Release doubt and negativity, and be expectant of signs. Be alert for synchronicities and nudges that point you in directions that answer your questions or pleas for help. Pay attention to the words of the songs you hear, or what you read. You’ve created a spiritual collaboration of the highest order. You don’t have to do anything to deserve this. Life just loves you, because that’s its nature. Nothing you could ever do will change that. Enjoy!

HAPPY EQUINOX: Tuesday, March 20th at 12:15 p.m.

In kinship,

Cie Simurro- Thunderbird Starwoman