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3-FULL-DAY Writing Circles

The reason Shamanism has existed and flourished in diverse cultures throughout eons is because through Shamanism we connect with the life force of all beings. The reality of that connection gives meaning to our lives. We belong; we have a unique place in the web of life; since everything is alive, we value and care for other life forms in a crucible of love. Since everything is made of love, we become part of the equation of the sublime – The Great Mystery.

Join me in Buckland Massachusetts, at Slice o’ Heaven, a beautiful, safe, serene, nature-filled environment, on the following dates:

Sunday, May 21st     Sunday, July 16th     Sunday, September 17th    

For one, two, or all three full days of Shamanic Writing

You will experience various aspects of Nature to prompt evocative, powerful writing.

Whether you are a seasoned writer or new to the art form of writing, you will experience depths of yourself, and your connection to Nature that will evoke an array of self-expressive writing forms.


In this circle, we will write after

Receiving a message from one of the Standing Ones or Plant People

Journeying with a Totem

Meditating with a stone or crystal (bring your own or work with one of mine

In each workshop, you are encouraged to use the prompts and exercises given or else happily work with your own material. The choice to share one’s writing is always your own, but know that others will listen non-judgmentally, focusing on appreciative comments about what they liked, what inspired them or made them feel deeply.

For an individual workshop, which includes Shamanic experiences, the writing circles, a delicious lunch, dessert, snacks and hot and cold drinks, the price is $125.

If you register for all 3, I am offering over $75 off, a special discounted price of $299.

Please send a deposit of $75 for one day, or $150 for all three circles

with your email address and phone number, so I can send directions and updates.